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Exploring the UK: A weekend in Exeter, Durdle Door and Wisley Gardens

I am so so excited to be writing this post and starting this new little series on UK travel. Since traveling the world and being so spoilt with beautiful locations, I became a little bit down on the UK thats for sure. 
Its easy to take the place we, ourselves, live for granted. The grass is always greener so they say. Becoming aware of this made me want to get out there and see all I possibly can within the UK and show you all some fabulous destinations you could visit for a fraction of the price of going aboard!

Every weekend me and my lovely boyfriend have been visiting somewhere new, and not breaking the bank too! Recently we have been to Brighton, Bournemouth, West Wittering Beach, The New Forest, Wisley Gardens and Exeter. Thats in the last couple of months and I am pretty proud of us. 


Looking forwards to just the sunny months, or that one week away a year seems like total madness when we have who knows how many days left on the earth and millions of beautiful things to look forward to and experience every day! This weekend I enjoyed climbing grassy hills in the rain and enjoying cocktails under an umbrella.
To celebrate our 2 years spent together me and Mark went to Exeter for the weekend. A change of environment be it the other side of this little planet or a few hours away is always so refreshing and I think we all need to do more of it even if it is closer to home! This year I am not going abroad and am starting to think the sun is overrated anyway! Exploring all the stunning locations locally is saving me a ton of money and giving me a ton more appreciation for whats right there in front of me. 

We settled into the hotel after arriving at about 2pm, wandered around the town centre, which even in the rain was so cute! Everything was so stunning and there was the most intricate architecture. The hotel we stayed in was a Mercure, which they have ALL OVER the UK. I have started seeing them absolroutley everywhere now, I was so impressed by the quality of the room and the incredible breakfast. (4 helpings of it maybe not so necessary though), it was right in the city centre making life oh so easy!

If you fancy a stay in Exeter this where we stayed, book your own stay HERE.

We went for cocktails in the afternoon before dinner at a fantastic Thai Restaurant. This is the kind of relaxation I am all about when you've had a busy week at work. Plus I think my favourite hobby is probably eating and drinking out so this weekend suited me just fine! We had these amaaaazing Pimms cocktails from Las Iguanas. (Can we appreciate the colours of the wall chairs and tables also).

After stuffing ourselves with Thai food and beverages, we slept amazing and went out the next day to visit Durdle Door in Dorset, about an hour away from Exeter so you know, while we were there we had to do it. Despite it pouring with rain the whole weekend the beautiful Jurassic coastline was simply perfect. Climbing up an incredibly muddy hill with only flip-flops on was interesting to say the least!

One thing that surprised me was how many tourists there were that had come from all over the world to visit England and we get to actually live here, I was filled with a sense of gratitude to have so much beauty right on my doorstep.

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Climbing this hill was such a struggle but so worth it, I recommend anyone visiting to google maps search the "Durdle Door car park" as it was so east to walk along straight down to the beach and all along the cliff line. 


Despite sounding like I am about to turn 75, I absolutely love a trip to the garden centre, especially one as expansive as Wisely! It is like your average garden centre multiplied by 10000, you could spend so much longer than one afternoon strolling the grounds, looking in craft tents and adoring all the beautiful plants that live here.
Every single cactus was giving me plant envy, if that is even a thing, and I desperately wanted to take some of these little ones home!

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I hope you all enjoyed my little photo diary! Thanks for reading if you got this far, and I will post some more from my UK travels soon! I am off to Wales in a few weeks and can't wait to do a travel guide!


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