Thursday, 4 May 2017

Making Skincare a Priority.

Taking care of number one is something that is too easy to forget when life gets in the way. With work, relationships, family and friends, sometimes everyone forgets to think about themselves too. This month I have been trying to really put my health and happiness to the forefront of my mind because at the end of the day its the only way to be the best you. 

Along with trying new yoga, experimenting with vegan meals and doing squats every night, I have also been trying to take better care of my skin...

Skincare is something I have always put on the back burner and never put as a priority in my life, however in recent years I have suffered with horrible dry skin and some awful bouts of eczema. 
When you have never done your homework on whats best for your skin its really difficult to know where on earth to start. 
The past few weeks however I have found a skincare brand which is really working for me, helping the eczema on my neck as well as curing every day dry skin on my face

Cetraben is designed to help manage problematic, dry and eczema-prone skin with a special blend of ingredients. It helps to re-hydrate the skin as well as protecting it from irritants. When lately everything under the sun seems to irritate my skin (including the sun itself) I couldn't have found a better product for me. 
Cetraben cream and lotion contain: Liquid Paraffin to replace lost oils, White Soft Paraffin to form a protective barrier and Glycerin to bring up moisture from underneath the skin. These ingredients work together to create a harmony with the skin. Most of all its stopped the itchiness of my eczema which I can not tell you what a relief that is.
The Daily Cleansing cream is a 2-in1 product that can be use to both cleanse and moisturise. It also helps to reduce any itchiness when used daily its amazing!

It is also, which is a must for me, not tested on animals nor does it contain any ingredients from animals!

If you suffer from eczema and itchy dry skin like myself give it a go, its been a godsend for me! 


This post is sponsored by Cetraben

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