Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Exploring in the UK: A day in Brighton

Travel and adventures I am coming to realise do not just have to mean going to the most exotic and exciting places in the world. It can just mean exploring locations closer to home. When you don't have the time or the money to jet set, finding new things to see and do that are only a drive away is a must. 
This bank holiday weekend me and my boyfriend headed down to Brighton for the day, as its been so beautiful and sunny in the UK for once why waste the opportunity. 

We drove down at midday enjoying the hour and a half drive with some summer tunes from Radio 1 Big weekend, as soon as we drove into Brighton I had that summertime holiday feeling that comes from escaping the day to day routine. This is so important to do I have come to realise. Escape even if it be for one day, to do something different from the norm. It keeps me from feeling stagnant and from feeling the all too frequently felt travel blues. 

Arriving near the beach we sat on the pebbles and enjoyed the glorious weather before heading to one of the beachside bars for a refreshing pint. If you've never been to Brighton you just must especially in the summer. It has the most amazing vibe with music blaring and a great friendly atmosphere all around. Everyone having fun and enjoying a day off by the sea. 

Having burnt my chest so badly last week in the garden I made sure to apply plenty of my new and amazing Ladival Suncream. Ok so one thing I hate and I am sure I am not alone is feeling so greasy after applying suncream. There isn't anything worse and that combined with the sticky feeling after application can shamefully be the reason I avoid putting any on at all. 

But this baby is just amazing, there is no scent to it for a start. I hate stinking of suncream for the rest of the day if only out in the sun for a short while. Not only that its non greasy formula is exactly that. Non greasy. Whats more when your skin is prone to eczema like mine its always worrying putting anything new onto it but Ladival has no nasty stuff in, no colourants, preservatives and 
all that. No skin irritation whatsoever. Its a yes from me!

At a super affordable price I would recommend this to anyone looking to upgrade their summer skin routine. You can find it here

After sunning ourselves we headed for a pig out lunch at Zizis before wandering down the pier and wasting all our change (and then some) on the dreading slot machines. Those grabber ones just get you hooked I wanted a soft toy sloth like my whole life depended on it. The day was rounded up by a few fairground rides, including a genuinely frightening ghost train, followed by reading books on the beach and watching the sun go down. All in all a perfect bank holiday weekend. 

I promised myself when I came home from traveling I would explore my own country so much more yet only recently, nearly a year later, am I keeping that promise to myself. Its so important to have goals of where you want to get to while appreciating where you are and I vow to be doing a lot more of the latter this summer!

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