Monday, 26 September 2016

The beginning of autumn look & 3 easy vegan meals

Hello beautiful readers! Today I want to share with you my first really autumnal look, as well as 3 really easy vegan meals for breakfast lunch and dinner! Its so much easier than it seems to make your fave things vegan, and also make your own lunches to go from big supermarkets too! You definitely don't need to live in WholeFoods to be vegan, Tesco will do!

But first the look along with all its links for you!


This look is honestly my dream autumn look; layers, CHECK, velvet (times two!), CHECK, khaki, CHECK. What more can we want in life honestly!? Other than perfect orange autumn leaves on the floor, this is for sure my favourite season of all! God I did miss England! 

I have actually never owned bomber jacket in my life as I have always believed they didn't suit me, I always shy away from buying them even though I love the idea. So this time I went for it, this one from Dorothy Perkins is actually called the 'Ultimate Bomber' so it felt like if I was going to find the right one this would be it! You know what I actually love it! It fits so nicely and is so padded and warm without making me look like the michelin man. The colour couldn't be more right for this season and I have a feeling its going to be my new staple piece. Find it here!
Lets talk velvet and layer dresses...I think I am a little behind the times with this trend here but I have only just found the perfect one so I feel like thats okay! Velvet is never ever a mistake its probably my top fabric to be dressed in, layered over this chiffon blouse, (also both Dorothy Perkins), I adore the textures! Grab it for yourself here.

I have finished off this look with match backpack, choker and shoes. I have blogged these shoes before yes I am guilty OUTFIT REPEATER, they are also velvet (well faux suede but yah) and I can't take them off, perfect heel size for work, drinks, meals out and I have even worn them on a walk in the woods because thats the kind of girl I am apparently! Find these babies right here.

The backpack I am sporting here is the best kink, the kind with dainty straps that come over the top! This one is so spacious I could honestly fit the kitchen sink there, no lies. Its from Spiral and they have so much variety when it comes to backwear (is that a word?). Honestly whatever your style there is a backpack for you from galaxy patterns to nice and simple like mine here!

No look is complete for me right now without a choker around my neck! This one is actually got a velvet feel about it too! Am I obsessed!? I love these shoelace kind of style ones too I feel they complete any look perfectly! This one is from Mobs & Monsters.

Now for my quick and easy vegan meals for ya! Purely because I am sooo excited about it, I found it so hard when I first went vegan to find anything to eat at all and every time I come up with a new meal idea I get so excited!

Sometimes its not about lack of ideas either its lack of shops near me having vegan options so lately I have been going a bit make shift!


Simple and cheap breakfast for me is always oats, which you can buy in bulk! With amazing and soon creamy almond milk! Before I was vegan I used to have oats with water and lets be honest no one really likes that! But now without the guilt of dairy I can eat creamy oats again! I have topped these with granola, banana and frozen berries which are a much cheaper option too and once they're in with the hot oats they defrost themselves! 

Oats, Almond Milk, Banana, Frozen Berries, Granola, Cinnamon


Lunch is a tricky one for me always especially when on the go, sorry but there is only one vegan option in the meal deal section in tesco and no one can eat the same hummus wrap everyday of their life! No matter how much you love hummus (ALOT).

This time I bought one of those really simple salad bowls you find near the bags of salad and that stuff, it has no dressing with it so I bought myself a small bottle of balsamic dressing and a small pot of superfood mix which was with all the little pots of couscous and things! Then I headed over to the veggie cold fake meats bit and found these ready to eat falafel. Before throwing it all together, this cost me only a pound more than a meal deal! Sometimes you just have to look around and get creative.

Ready to eat falafel, Tesco salad bowl, balsamic dressing, superfood grain mix pot

If anyone has followed me for a while you may remember the time I had to go gluten free because it was seriously effecting my body and system. It went away once I eased it back into my diet gradually but guess what the same ol' problems back. So while I cry and have to go through a lot of blood tests I am trying to cut out as much wheat as possible once more. Sucks really when it is my one true love but I have found this little tip so helpful. Every time I would usually have a wrap I am using iceberg lettuce. Makeshift lettuce vegan burrito!? Yeah pls!

Tomatoes, 2 minute uncle bens tomato rice, frozen peas, lettuce, Sriracha and some spices!

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