Sunday, 4 September 2016

5 Things making me Happy this month.

This month hasn't been a great one for me, but thankfully there are things that have brightened it up and I hope may brighten you guys month too!

1.    The first on the list being outfits I feel great in, maybe a superficial start but my whole new outfit from Dorothy Perkins has seriously brightened my days. Its so great when you find that one look you feel so comfortable and is so 'you' that you just can't stop wearing. 
This dungaree dress is the most amazing transitional piece helping me through from summer to autumn, I can't get enough of the fit and black denim is such a winner! Of course any dungaree dress wouldn't be complete without a casual striped tee underneath and the colours of this one are so autumnal and great. Honestly my excitement for autumn couldn't be more present!
Talking accessories I love how cute and bohemian this bag is, it is the perfect size for a bag, it is deceivingly spacious and fits my purse in because lets face it how annoying is it when you have to empty your purse into your bag every time you leave the house! Ive gone all matchy with the shoes, they are the perfect heel size and fit, so comfortable but dresses the look up wonderfully! All the links to these bits I will pop below!


2.   Second thing getting me through the month is guided meditation on youtube! Ive been overthinking WAY too much these days and sometimes you just want to be able to shut your brain off for half an hour. Honestly I have never believed anything would be possible of achieving this but a few videos I have found have truly helped silence my mind and anxiety and left me feeling refreshed and able to get on with life again!
I will pop the link to my favourite of the moment here.

3.   Number three is indoor plants! I have had a pivotal time in my life where I suddenly love plants, I think it means I am actually becoming an adult! After a few down days I was thinking right I will brighten up my space in hope it will make me feel better and god it so did! Spending a day down the garden centre pottering about choosing the perfect ones was strangely therapeutic. I feel like I have some new pets to look after and bought them all matching plant pots cost me next to nothing and really lifted my spirits. Now I just have to keep them alive.

4.  Spending quality time with family is something I have been doing so much more of and it's so worth it. Its easy to forget that parents won't be here forever. Its easy to get so wrapped up in life and forget about the people who are always there, I am so guilty of this. Spontaneously visiting my grandma and going out for lunch, cinema, shopping with my mum this month has been so nice. Forgetting about yourself for a bit and just enjoying bringing others happiness has in turn improved my mood so much. Making the time for the people I love the most has been keeping me so happy and its always worth sparing a day a week for those people that matter.

5. Last but not least finding new recipes and really taking care of my body has been especially good this month. I am awful at going through phases of taking care of myself, and then not giving a crap. Finding new and yummy vegan food has become such a hobby of mine now. This week I made vegan spag bol which was genuinely the best thing I have ever created and it was so rewarding.

For this I used, tinned tomatoes, Quorn Mince, garlic, onion, peppers, simmered them all in a pan for half an hour and then added it to spaghetti and topped with vegan cheese. So amazing so simple!



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