Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The Little Things In Life, Appreciating The Now.

So my day out in the english countryside has inspired todays post. Its summer and everyones away, I myself only back from traveling a month have to remind myself how important it really is to enjoy where YOU are RIGHT NOW.
Sure, I could sit around wishing I was back on Byron Bay sipping apple cider all day long, but the majority of life isn't like that. If you live for only those moments, look how much your missing out on in-between. 

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So yesterday me, my mum and grandmother headed off to hailing island, little stony beach kinda near Portsmouth UK. You know what it was lovely, family won't be around forever and its so important to appreciate. Yeah right now I am not exactly where I want to be but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the journey! Its so easy to be all "I HATE ENGLAND" but what I realised traveling is that people DREAM of coming the the UK, it is a beautiful country with so much beauty and we should all be very grateful!

Another thing improving the day was the fact that some bits arrived from American Eagle. These jeans have aided my life so much they are the comfiest pair of jeans I have ever set eyes on. So snug fitting but not too tight. They also come with a 4-way flex technology ensuring they never go baggy, so they have my vote!
Plus it was only a matter of time before I got my hands on these pom pom lace ups from Public Desire. Couldn't be more up my street if they were knocking on my front door! I love how much they add to any outfit, as well as the boho aztec feel. Hell yah.

Have a beautiful day and remember to fall in love with your right now. 


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