Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Stuggles in your early 20's, designing your own life

Today I am writing about the struggles I feel totally unprepared for in my early 20's, I hope these are relatable in if you having a stress or life crisis yourself help you feel less alone in it.

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Early 20's Struggles...

I dont know how much of a great blog post this is going to make but I wanted to write about something I suddenly feel overwhelmed by; and thats life. The changes and different things I am feeling the further I get into my 20's is mind scrambling and every day is full of questions. Let me know if anyone can relate to these feelings and if you do, and I hope it makes you feel a little less lost or alone...

One of the most confusing things is that everyone is taking their own path, going their own way for the first time it feels like your truly alone. Some may be having babies, some getting into high flying careers and living their dream. Its all amazing but I am left feeling like, what box do I fit into. Us humans like to categorise ourselves. Before I slotted into the 'is going traveling' box for a while and that was all great I felt that was my place and that was good. No one questioned me. But now I am back, I realise long term travel isn't something I want to do forever. Yet I don't want my job to take over my life and I also am in no rush to settle down. Problem is I want all of it. To travel a bit, enjoy my job AND buy a house. But it feels like you have to PICK one. 
What I am learning and if you feel a bit lost I hope this helps: that its your life to design. However you want it. If you don't feel like you fit into the paths others around you are taking, create your own path. It might feel like your walking down it alone, but thats better than moulding and squeezing yourself down a path that isn't right.

In the last year I find myself questioning everything I ever thought about myself and life. Its easy to say 'I want to be a writer and live in London' when that is something far away. But now its here, upon us and maybe we have changed. 
Your made to decide what you want to do with your life when you haven't even finished growing yet. Suddenly I feel like I am a new born baby, everything I ever thought I wanted isn't true anymore, so what IS true, WHO am I? WHAT IS LIFE?
What I have found is the worse thing to do when you feel like this is rely too much on the advice of others (I say as I give advice). When asking yourself all these questions you have to figure it out on your own, discover how you truly feel with no influences. The good news is that eventually, mainly through trial and error I can see things coming together. Discovering what you truly want for your life in your 20's is scary as it probably is different from what you ever though. But change is great and the fact that these questions are arising means your one step closer to discovering whats going to truly fulfil you.

The last thing I want to talk about is this feeling of "I MUST ENJOY MY 20's TO THE FULLEST". Its so much pressure feeling like this is the best time of your life and you may be wasting it. Every little wrong decision or bad day feels like oh my god am I going to regret this. To this I say no, Im sick of being told I should be living to the fullest right now because theres a lot of big things going on and sometimes you can't just be carefree. The most important things to do in this time, I am starting to believe, is appreciate the little things. 
Like walks with your mum and family time. Like a catchup with an old friend. While there are so many big decisions going on for most 20 somethings, don't forget to appreciate what you have right now. You don't have to be partying till 5am, or driving around at night with your hair blowing out the window like they do on 'Perks of Being A Wallflower" to be living your life to the fullest. Take that pressure off yourself, and have faith that your doing just fine...

Maybe this post makes no sense to anyone and I just sound like a lunatic that thinks too much, let me know! Do you like these kinds of posts or just wish I'd shut it and show you what I'm wearing? Gimme a shout haha!



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  1. I just wrote something similar to this post and have been thinking the exact same things, especially the part about feeling like you have to pick one thing when you see other people getting on with various things. I definitely think Facebook makes us feel like that, seeing everyone's journeys all piled into one newsfeed, it's overwhelming!


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