Monday, 1 August 2016

5 Happy Things

So I have decided to start a monthly series of things that I have found that have increased my happiness in the month or that are making me happy. So I'm putting together a little list so that you can find these awesome things too!

1. Firstly, relaxing sleep meditation on youtube. The last month has been super stressful for me, lots of change. So its been effecting my sleep too, but I found these videos on youtube that have solved all my problems! I will link some of my favourites below but these things literally have transformed my life! We all know how little sleep can make us feel like poo.

2. Number two, is rather than dwelling on things not making me feel great I have been trying my best to channel that into helping others feel good. I have found nothing is more healing than making a positive impact on someones day. From asking my mum if theres anything she wants to talk about, to sharing advice online. I have found it brings me true happiness to shift your focus for a while. 

3. Three this month is jewellery, covering myself in new bits and bobs makes me feel good about myself. I love getting new bits to add to my collection and its such a simple way to add a little sparkle to my day. I honestly love how much accessorising can make a simple outfit an amazing look! The choker is my absolute favourite! Some may say superficial happiness but being able to channel my creativity really does bring joy!

The bits I am wearing today are from The Boho Tribe and I am obsessed you can find them HEREEE...

4. Fourth thing making me positive and happy is organisation. Getting my space organised into something I love to live in. (Even if it is my tiny bedroom in my parents house) helps keep me feeling good and well rested. It also allows me to enjoy the time I spend alone which is so important to keep balance in life!
Ive been decorating with some of The Moon Child bits which are amazing for adding a peaceful bohemian vibe!
You can find them HERE

5. Last but not least is taking time to really reflect. Sure its so much easier to go about your days, and not challenge yourself or think about things you need to work on. But since I have been reflecting on myself and where I want to be in my life I have seen so much more progression than when I was shuffling along. Nothing is more rewarding than making yourself proud. Because thats really all that matters! 




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