Thursday, 21 July 2016


Today I am showing off my gorgeous new Daniel Wellington watch, but also talking about the mysterious thing that is time. Not going to get all scientific but talk about the way we look at time as 'wasted'. 

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Firstly I should start by saying you can get 15% off Daniel Wellington watches with my discount code NICKY15. The watches are truly classic and stunning and the quality is just supreme. I'm wearing the 'Classic St Mawes' which you can find here. Whats so great is the straps are also interchangeable so you can change it up to suit the occasion! 
You can also find this stunning bit of crochet on, nothing is helping my travel blues more than pretending I am still traveling! Find this look here.

Now I felt like I wanted to go with the theme of my new watch today and talk about how I noticed something I always do. If something ends, be it a relationship, or period of time that I wasn't feeling my best, or venture that didn't work out. It starts to feel like that is 'wasted time'. We end up living our lives trying so hard not to waste any precious time that we stop living at all. 
What I think is a better way to look at time spent in maybe not the same way we would looking back, is that all those 'mistakes' are moulding you into the person that your meant to be. That even though you might not feel that way now... nor see how the 'time wasted' has benefitted you, that one day it will all become clear, and make total sense. That all these things are helping you figure yourself out, what you do and don't enjoy. That you shouldn't regret time spent doing something that made you happy in that moment. All we can do is try our vey best to live in the present because its all we have. 

Just a little thought of the day for you all.



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