Tuesday, 5 July 2016

That Post Travel Feeling...

This wasn't going to be what my first blog post home was going to be about, it was going to be about my new direction with this blog, and what I have learnt traveling but right now I'm feeling all these feelings and this is more relevant. Plus if anyone has felt this way maybe you can help, or even relate and feel a little less alone in this feeling. 

So I came home 3 weeks early from my traveling, I was really poorly, I was homesick, I thought all I wanted was home at this point and that I was done with traveling for a little while anyway.
But I'm back, I have caught up with friends and spent time with my family and my amazing little dog and now I feel completely lost.

 Let me say before I carry on, that god I am grateful for the chance I had to travel the world. It has been the BEST thing I have done in my entire life. I am also so grateful for my life at home. But I don't know quite how to explain the confusion and disorientation that I'm feeling but I am sure if you have traveled long term and returned, you will know what I am talking about.

How do you transition from swimming in the ocean with dolphins to watching corrie on the sofa...there is no period of adjustment its just BAM. When I have been traveling I feel like I overcame so much, I became the person who I wanted to be and it was the best feeling in the whole entire world, let me tell you. I thought this is it, your happy, this will be the making of you. But somehow, it feels like real life was just frozen, and now I am back the feelings of utter bliss (hence the new blog name) are fading already. I know really that this feeling is temporary, and it will take time to adjust, but nothing can prepare you for what a shock this really is. I guess they say true happiness isn't down to the situation your in so I have to learn to bring that feeling into the present.

Everyone told me...you will feel so so so down and strange when you get back, you will feel like you want to go straight back. I don't even want to go travel again, now I just want to go back in time, I genuinely believed I wouldn't feel this way but here I am. Making my new positivity blog all negative.

About that I want to take you guys on a journey with me and in turn help you. I want this blog to be about finding your own bliss, not in a preachy way but just to share my own experiences and hope it can help others. I want to be real. I feel better already after writing it down.

I suppose the answer is keeping busy and learning how to live this normal life again, I was going to write an advice post today but right now it feels like maybe I am the one in need of some advice. If you guys have any, that would be amazing...
I hope you guys can relate to this, if not you can tell me I'm being a depressing bitch and to not write another one of these again haha.



  1. I went travelling round Australia for a year and been back about four/five months now. Coming back was haaaaaard, I really struggled to adjust to life here again especially as I travelled with my boyfriend and so going from being together constantly to only seeing each other here and there was a big deal. I found that keeping busy was the best thing, I was moping about for ages especially as my boyfriend seemed to pick himself up again so quickly but I realised I had to stop waiting for life to get back to normal and had to make it get back to normal. See your friends as much as you can, make plans as often as you can, and sooner or later you won't be trying it will just be happening and life will start to feel normal again. Travelling changed me and helped me so much and now I'm back and settled in I feel the happiest I ever have, just stay positive and you'll get there!! X

    1. You have no idea how reassuring this is, I also traveled with my boyfriend so that is a strange dynamic to get used to in itself isn't it! He's the most chilled out guy who takes things in his stride and theres just me flalling about haha! Your advice means a lot especially just to know there is a light at the end of this feeling and that I can get back to normal !! SO comforting thank you x

  2. Oh huni, reading this post brought back so many memories.. I've been back for nearly 4 years now and believe me when I say it gets easier. Don't be scared by this but you might find yourself needing to go to the doctors, I did, and it helped a lot, just to talk to someone and get a little bit of support - they've heard it all before because this post travelling blues is something they hear about a lot now.
    I was warned too, that it would be hard, but nothing prepared me for just how hard it would be - I felt like I was looking down on everyone, judging the fact that they were still doing the same thing in the same job & I resented them - that was one of the hardest feelings to overcome. I didn't want to be that person!
    I ended up moving to London, I needed excitement & felt that was the only place I could get it - it worked for a few months but i soon got the 'I miss my friends' feeling that I was getting whilst away, so I came back and focused on what's next..
    I was lucky enough to fall in love at this point which as you can imagine - helped ALOT haha, but I still had my down days even though I should have been 'blissfully' happy...
    All I can say is, it gets easier, you need to accept that this is normal & now concentrate on the future and not the past - you've had an incredible experience that you'll remember for the rest of your life..
    Now think about what you want to do with your career, but your energy into your blog, meet new people & maybe even think about where your next holiday is, or how amazing Christmas will be with your family this year.
    I hope that helps, just don't expect it to happen tomorrow, and don't force it - it needs to and will happen naturally & one day you'll be like... Hey... I'm happy! :)
    Take care lovely, looking forward to seeing your energy been put into your blog & seeing where it takes you! Xxxxx

  3. After I got back from studying in Europe I was depressed for a solid semester. It's a strange thing. I couldn't recover. I wanted to go back so badly. Now, I try hard to live every moment to its fullest even if they ate just regular days. Try being the operative word. I grew up in thailand and always want to be in the heat and adventure. But life is beautiful where we are planted as well.


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