Thursday, 14 July 2016

Post Graduation and Travel life, Organisation and Job Hunting...

Hello beautiful readers, first of all I hope your all having an amazing day, if your not do something that makes you happy right now!
Today I am going to update you all after my depressing post travel post, I am actually feeling a lot better. Because you know what I realised. There is no pressure and I can do whatever I want. How amazing is that? Im lucky enough to even have the choice of what I want to do with my life and that itself is such a privilege! With the aid of some of my favourite new bits I am going to be talking work, life and being YOU...

So first of all for graduates, or anyone struggling with a path after time off, or anyone changing direction, heres whats been helping me...


First of all I want to share something I have had a lot of thoughts about this week and thats; why do we define ourselves by work? 
Yes it takes up a large amount of our lives, but there is so much more that we can do that can define us as people. For example I am signing up to do charity runs and looking to volunteer at a homeless shelter this year. I am writing, for the first time ever, about things I actually care about. I might even write a book just for my own pleasure. I love spending time with my family and doing things to make them feel valued. All these things make me who I am, so much more than any career. I won't talk about my change of career plan because thats another post all together, but when you start to realise there is so much more to life than what you want to 'do', possibilities are endless.
From a young age we are all asked WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE. Well what if I just want to be me and the rest is what I do to make money to be me. No one tells you thats ok but I am telling you now it is.
So if your a struggling graduate that may have to go back into waitressing or bar work for example, like myself. Thats ok, don't be sad, find other ways to define yourself and find fulfilment. This will keep you motivated to find a passion if your not sure of your end goal. Things take time. Your ok.


The best advice I can basically give is don't listen to anyone else advice.

You are you, when it comes to life decisions don't let anyone else crap interfere with your thoughts.
If you are CEO of some company people say "don't you want to settle and spend more time at home", if you are a waitress people say "don't you have higher aspirations", if you are a young mum people say "don't you want to live your own life first", if you don't want to settle down people say "but aren't you lonely". 
Honestly you will always be questioned. So make sure you are doing what you love, and whats right for you. Then you can turn round and laugh at peoples judgement because your so DAMN HAPPY.


Finally if you can find happiness in the little things in life, you can find happiness in anything. Honestly this week has been hard as hell but you know whats made me ecstatic, my new room bits came from MoonChild, as well as my Happiness Planner. These little bits have given me comfort and happiness and organisation this week. So has making myself and my best mate a vegan Thai Green Curry. Stay busy, see positive people with the same mindset as you. Reach the hell out to new friends too!
 If you let these things make you proud, happy, excited. Those big things will come together on their own. Life is scary as hell but I promise if you stay focussed and positive, no matter what anyone else says, it will come together with time. (I HOPE!?)

Snow globe, elephant, intense holder and candle holders are all from the amazing 'The Moon Child' 
And my amazing new diary is from 'The Happiness Planner'


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  1. This is truly inspiring and so relatable for me atm! I have spent a lot of time worrying about what to do with my life but I have realised recently that aslong as what I'm doing makes me happy, that's all that matters! Thank you for the advice lovely! Keep doing you! Xx


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