Thursday, 28 July 2016

Getting It Together.

Its not easy getting it together, I am 22 and never felt more confused about life. You realise that while your now a grown up and expected it to get better at this point that may not be the case. 
I mean if your in your 20's and have your life, career, love life, home life all sorted, I SERIOUSLY commend you. Well done! Because right now for me (and I'm sure many more) it feels like I'm just falling trying to find something to hold onto.
 Suddenly real life has hit, and the decisions you make matter now. Its hard. Especially when were told our whole lives through school that you have to SUCCEED...what if your not succeeding, feels like failure. But its not, you just have to adjust your perspective of success...

I have decided to me success does not mean high flying job, money or buying a house. But simply means finding inner peace and happiness. So that is what I am trying to do. But trying to reprogram the brain after a lifetime of thinking the opposite way is hard. 

What I am finding really helps me at this time is keeping a journal, keeping a plan, goals and structure to my little life. Which is why I am so excited to have the cutest little agenda I have ever seen enter my life. Organisation keeps me so happy. My advice to anyone who feels like their falling right now too, would be to find a little something that makes you feel better and hold onto that. 

The planner is so beautiful and makes me feel like I am getting it together in my own way. Sectioning out the year notepads like these make the rest of your life not seem so god damn terrifying. 
Big thank you to Nunuco Design for their 2017 agenda. I have already started planning ahead for the coming year and this actually gets me excited for whats to come!
This gorgeous marble effect agenda wouldn't be complete without matching phone case because that really means I am one organised lady doesn't it. If my stuff matches, I feel a little more in control.



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